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It’s that time of year in our house…the time when a little girl’s fancy turns to presents. She realizes that it’s been a long time since her birthday, her half birthday has passed, she’s getting invited to a lot of birthday parties, 4th of July has passed, there are no more “fun” holidays until Halloween, and she wants a present dangit!

Thus, this is about the time of year when I suggest that said girl should “make a list.” And I secretly love to see how that list changes and evolves as Christmas and birthday draw near — what stays, what stays near the top, and what drops off the list completely. We are practicing delaying gratification. And I am getting to know my little girl.

She was about three when I began to realize this cycle of waiting and wanting was somewhat inevitable. Friends and strangers would inquire and wait with baited breath to hear her heart’s desire. I don’t remember exactly what was on that roughly formed inaugural list, but I do remember it contained about three items, two of which were a ball and a balloon.

So without further ado, here is this year’s List v. 1.0:

Mini doodle bear
history books
vanilla shampoo
fancy shoes

I love her.

When does it start in your house? And how do you deal with all that pent up desire?

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