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Gayle of Grace4Gayle and Grocery Cart Challenge is hosting a recipe swap. This week’s edition is all about cheap dinner recipes.

If you haven’t been over, you should go check out her blog. She is a real frugal self-starter. I love all her creative “recipes” for things we don’t necessarily need to buy. She really challenges me to think outside my frugal box.

This is one of my mom’s very few “signature” recipes. We had it all the time when I was a child, and I HATED it — mostly because I was convinced I hated tuna fish. And my mom insisted on putting raw onions in this recipe, which crunched when I bit into them and squirted tangy onion juice into the nether regions of my mouth. (But I’m not high maintenance or a whiner…I know I’m really sellin’ it.)

The good news is, now I love this recipe. It makes me so nostalgic for my childhood. This has always been “the one” recipe I turn to when we have nothing else. I keep a can of tuna on hand just for such an occasion. And I have made a very few minor OCD modifications to the recipe, which of course make ALL the difference. I will admit, my children are not particularly fond of this casserole, which is why I dubbed it “Mermaid Casserole” in an effort to make it more appealing. Because clearly, this is what mermaids eat. I’m sure my kids will look back with fondness on this recipe, when they are old like me and force feeding it to their kids.

1 c. hot milk
2 T butter, melted
1 c. shredded cheese
1 c. bread crumbs
1 egg
1 T onion, finely chopped
1 tsp salt
dash pepper
1 can tuna
4 oz cooked noodles

This is a mix and bake kind of casserole. It bakes at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. I usually either saute the onion or throw it in a pan with the milk and butter to soften and soak up their flavor. I also add the salt and pepper to the milk and melted butter so things are distributed more evenly throughout the casserole. My mom used to leave big hunks of tuna here and there, so I am also pretty anal about mixing everything evenly throughout. At our house, this was always served with tiny peas, so I just go ahead and mix them into the casserole now. And my husband has added his signature touch of baby biscuits baked on top. This dish is excellent served with potato chips, which also increases the kid friendly factor exponentially. I like to load each bite on top of a chip…salty heaven.

Enjoy, thrifty friends.


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Well, Hubs has the Etsy shop open, and he’s participating in Bloggy Giveaways. Go enter.

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The winners are commenters:   #86 xoeskie, #119 Jamie, #172 Momto2Boys, and #220 Lizzie. Congratulations gals! I’ll be emailing you further details later today.

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I am so excited about this giveaway. I have planned for you, people. Last time I just jumped in (late) with a little pre-owned somethin’ of my own, but THIS time I am authorized to pick 4 t-shirt winners from my new favorite kind and fashionable t-shirt company.


I first became familiar with B*Kindwear when Shannon featured them on Bloggy Giveaways last summer. I remember being impressed with their story, especially since the previous Spring, I had been surprised to learn that classic “mean girl” behavior (you know, “I won’t be your friend if you/unless you…”) is now being exhibited in kindergarten. It’s one thing to teach your own children who share your own values to be kind to each other. But how do you equip a five-year-old to deal with exclusivity and peer pressure?

I don’t want to get too high up onto my soapbox, but I was impressed with B*Kindwear for putting a positive message back into the marketplace.


Last fall, I bought sparkly camo t-shirts for my daughter and myself. And I recently purchased one for an upcoming birthday party. So won’t you please join in the revolution, and help bring kindness back into fashion — one t-shirt at a time?


B*Kindwear is generously offering to ship 4 winners the t-shirt of their choice. And they are offering $2.00 off any purchase during this giveaway if you mention bloginmyeye in the comments section of their order form.

To win, visit their website and choose your favorite shirt. Then come back here and leave me a comment telling me which one it is. I’ll close comments Friday, Feb. 1 at midnight, and draw 4 winners on Saturday. B*Kindwear has (kindly) agreed to ship to U.S. and International addresses.


~Eph. 4:32

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Boo Humbug

Well, I hadn’t planned to participate in BooMama’s Christmas Tour of Homes, but once again, I underestimated the voyeuristic fun and joy to be had in peeking into your bloggy homelives. So, here is a little but of our Christmas cheer, FWIW.


Now, not everyone seems to know that you should leave a little piece of Christmas out all year long, but this Santa has been hanging in our cramped entryway mudroom since last Christmas.


And I think this sweet little angel lady is going on year three perched atop our picture window (snowy today).


This here is our tree this year. I like to call her Bossy. (Baby’s got back). And she fell over (silently) twice, taking several of my most favorite fragile ornaments out with her. She is a beaut though. (Side note:  If you look under the end table, you’ll see the box I never unpacked from our move. It’s full of vintage Nancy Drews.)


There haven’t been too many fragile ornaments on our tree in the last three years. (Just when I finally thought it might be safe to get them out again, Bossy strikes). I do love me some handmade ornaments, and some kid art ornaments. This one is an especially fine sparkly Star of David made by my daughter a few years ago.


And speaking of handmade kid art, this year Bossy is sporting a darling paper plate angel my son made just a few weeks ago in Sunday school. I usually go with my fake red berry Target tree topper, but Bossy was a little too large for such an adornment.


These are some of my other handmade favs. The angel is a cross-stitch ornament made by a coworker. The dove is handhammered by Stuart Nye. The Snoopy was given to me by my kindergarten teacher over 30 years ago.


This is our resin Nativity scene my mother-in-law gave to my daughter a few years ago. Other than the fact that baby Jesus is missing a few digits, it has held up quite well. It is the site of our current Advent devotionals. Saint Nicholas is often in attendance. Just an aside…candle snuffer…great for amusing the kids.


And this is the lovely Christmas decoration my daughter purchased at the AWANA store this year (The girl loves a party and she loves to decorate). Although, I long to go all-Christian in my decorating scheme, we will proudly display this one, (at least until she forgets about it…because I’m just sentimental).

That’s all I’m prepared to share today, because I’m private and a little Scroogy that way. But thank y’all for stoppin’. And thanks to our gracious hostess as well.


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Jeanne over at At a Hen’s Pace is hosting the first-ever Carnival of Anglican Advent Traditions on Tuesday. Head on over and get some great ideas for celebrating the season of Christ’s birth with your family.

We are trying some new things in our house this season. I’m keeping my eyes out for a really special Advent calendar and Advent wreath. Until I find one, we are using a store-bought paper Advent calendar on our fridge, and we are lighting some random candles around our nativity scene each night while we have a Christmas-themed story time. My oldest is just starting to separate fact from fiction and to develop her own personal piety, so I really long to develop some Christian traditions that work for us this year. This is also the first year since we moved here that we will not go South for Christmas, so I pray that it will be a really special time for our family.

Other than the above, I’ve borrowed this Advent devotional from the library for myself. And I hope we’ll read the Christmas story from Luke before we open our gifts Christmas morning to keep our focus where it belongs.

I’m looking forward to getting some great ideas from the rest of you.

Most of all, I’m trying this year to catch my children’s enthusiasm for the season. Not officially Advent yet? No bother, I’m making use of the teachable moments. If the world wants to worship Christ through music incessantly for days on end, I’ll take it. I’ll revel in it with my twirling children.

I’ll bake cookies with them. I’ll order early Christmas cards. I’ll think about gifts before I’m ready. I’ll put to death my earthly curmudgeon, and make room in my heart for a new baby.

God bless you and yours this season.

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I had seen this beautiful button around the blogosphere, but just realized I better get in gear if I want to share the culinary joy. I am the lucky blogger who gets to go to Fried Okra‘s for Thanksgiving. I know, you are all jealous. She is preparing the big guns, but I’ll be adding the sweet potato casserole (recipe below) and the corn pie (I see lots of recipes for that have already been shared). Corn pie is a new holiday fave of mine. Try it! This is my mother-in-law‘s recipe for sweet potato casserole. It is delicious, as is every recipe of hers. (Jedi skills) Enjoy.

3 c. mashed sweet potatoes
1/2 t. salt
1/2 c. milk
1/2 c. sugar
2 eggs
1/3 stick butter
1 t. vanilla

Mix all of the above together and put it in a large casserole.


1 c. light brown sugar
1 c. chopped pecans
1/3 stick butter
1/3 c. flour

Mix together and spread on top of potatoes.

Bake 35 minutes at 350 degrees.

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