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Shannon’s having a fun contest today. Why not sharpen your number 2’s and fire off a few back-to-school haiku? You must enter today before 8pm CST. Here are mine:
Pencils with sharp points,
four black dry erase markers,
One large box of Puffs.

On the night before,
walking sounds like such a good
idea. Not now.

“Mom, my tummy hurts.”
(I will miss you when I’m gone).
What’s a mom to do?

Fluffer nutter sand-
wich, pretzels, and a pudding.
Better than hot lunch.

No long socks at gym.
Teacher demands perfect jump-
ing jacks. I’m tired, Mom.

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It’s Haiku Buckaroo time again at My Mommy’s Place. Why don’t you submit your haiku? Deadline is this Friday. Here are mine:

Yellow bird sees me
singing at the end of day
perched on a high wire.

Head unpacks the day
four feet shuffle slowly
fingers intertwine.

Feet hit warm water
bright colored day dreams begin
fish nibble dead skin.

Sun shines on water
kids skip rocks across the lake
minnows swarm slowly.

Shaded woodland path
air grows cooler instantly
the day melts away.

Garlic basil cheese
linguine with olive oil
Last, toasted pine nuts.

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So…there’s an “erotic haiku” category in the Haiku Buckaroo contest. If this makes you close your eyes, cover your ears, and start screaming “lalalalagoawaybadman,” click away now.


Lips part, breath quickens
tongue searches for another
my love, kiss me now.

Legs jostle and rub
hurrying to the climax
savoring each step.

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Baby wipes his nose
on his shirt. Oh Lord, when will
February end?

try it

here’s a couple more…

Driveway slippery
snow forecast for tonight
d@*# shovel beckons

Bitter cold assaults
Nose hairs crystallize and stick
Lungs fill and empty

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Got some much-coveted kidless time to go play in Chicago with my sister yesterday (Thank you, Hubs). We rode the ferris wheel at Navy Pier, had dinner at Joe’s BeBop cafe, and took an evening skyline tour of the harbor. I have wanted to ride that ferris wheel since we moved here. Check. That one’s done! Here are some of my photos:


Ferris wheel at Navy Pier


Going up…



Views from the top


Views from our harbor cruise

Got to write a few more haiku for the Haiku Buckaroo Contest on the way in. Plus, also started a great new book by Frederica Mathewes-Green called The Illumined Heart : the ancient Christian Path of Transformation. It is feeding my thoughts re: the personal Jesus discussion that has been going on at Everyday Mommy.

Metra haiku

Train bell clangs and clangs
Passengers chatter on phones
Brakes wheeze and train stops

McDonald’s Play Place
Sweaty shoes are discarded
Kids shriek and tumble

Bedtime haiku

Can you sing me song?
I wan’ give sissy hug.
Mommy, cover me!

Have a great day, ladies.

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Haiku Buckaroo contest

Oh, joy of joys. I have just discovered some people who love haiku as much as I do. In fact, there’s a contest you can enter if you’re so inclined. “The contest winner (a.k.a. The Haiku Buckaroo) will receive a Magnetic Poetry Haiku Kit, a Haiku Buckaroo Mug and a super-cool button for their blog (in their choice of white or black).” It’s the perfect occasion for me to trot out the last two haiku I wrote in South Carolina.

Haiku for my son

Backhoe loader beeps
engine rumbles noisily
red earth scars and falls.

South Carolina haiku

Bird calls “whippoorwhill”
green water trickles and bobs
tiny fish swimming.

Go on. You know you want to try it.

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Just spent the morning cleaning out our Hond@ Element (orange; codename: Ellie Mae Rose Rainbow, so dubbed by my 6-year old) in case we’re gonna need to trade it in because our 1990 Mazd@ MPV (black; codename: Blackie) is apparently about to buy the farm. We are a little sad, and wondering exactly what the wisest choice might be for our future financial and transportation needs. My frugal side is sad to see Blackie go (at 255,000 miles) but is also intrigued at the idea of possibly becoming a one car family and saving on gas and insurance. As you may be coming to realize, hubby does not always share my frugal ambitions, so I am also trying to listen and be open to his ideas, needs, and wants. Blackie and Ellie Mae RR have both been excellent cars, but neither exactly fits our needs at the moment. I’ll keep you posted on how things unfold.

Here’s a little drive-by haiku I wrote on vacation that seems a propos at the moment:

Driver talks on cell
Applies lipstick at stoplight
Wonders why I stare.

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