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Experiment: Muffin Tin Monday

Experiment Taken From: Notebook Entry 08.21.08

Materials Needed: Any delicious and/or nutritious foods for your little one to pick, dip, or dunk. I took this idea from Megret’s beautiful Muffin Tin Monday posts. My tin contains: bologna triangles, wheat thins (x2), baby carrots, cheese squares, and apple sauce.

Results: To be honest, I used to do this a LOT with my older daughter. It is a perfect food solution for picky toddlers. Little ones graze as they please on little bits of toddler-sized food. It’s perfect for introducing a little bit of a new food, or limiting an unhealthy favorite to a tiny toddler-sized portion. There are also lots of choices for those exercising their new-found desire to make decisions.

Conclusion: I need to do this more often to break out of the peanut butter sandwich rut. This also would translate easily into a school-aged “bento lunchbox.” Thanks, Megret and Amy, for the beautiful reminders.

Readers, quick, go pick something from Amy’s notebook and document it on your blog. She’s giving away a flip video camera tomorrow. If your man is a gadget loving freak like mine, he will thank you.

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Catch a glimpse of the elusive Lainey over at Chic Critique. I know. You saw this, and you thought I wasn’t pretty. I love how God worked it out so that I had just gotten new sunglasses and just had my hair done when Megan called and asked for a picture.

Note to self: wear sunglasses at all times.

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