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Wanna caption me?


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Carrie at The Gremlin Wrangler asked for pictures of Monday madness. WHY do the dishes never end?

Dontcha hate it when the dishwasher’s already full but so is your sink?

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Fair photos

I’ve loved peaking at everyone’s fair photos, so I thought I’d go ahead and share mine.

I’ve always been nostalgic about the fair. Since I have a summer birthday, the excitement of going to the local carnival with grandma and letting her buy me a heroic goldfish, who usually lived a short but well-loved life, seeing grandma’s excitement about “slippery pot pie,” and drinking in the thrills, the lights, the colors, the smells of the fair…It all speaks summer and love to me.

sad pony

sad pony

I’ve seen lots of these tiny little tractor-cycles in your photos!

fresh calf

almost fearless

Not a fair photo, but I felt the need to document…the forty-ness. Happy Birthday to me.

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Go see more pics from a family fun day at the Milwaukee Art Museum at my man’s blog. If you like art and live anywhere close to Milwaukee, you must visit this museum. It is fabulous.

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Salad days

Hey everybody! Look how our garden grows.

This corn’s a redhead!

Those *&%^ Japanese beetles keep eating my basil, but I WILL have pesto.

Lettuce! I’ve already harvested about half of what was there. We could never grow lettuce in South Carolina, so this is a special treat for us. I confess I always feel a little naughty pulling greens out of the yard and then bringing them inside to eat. I half-expect to hear my mom’s voice saying, “You can’t eat that! You just pulled it out of the dirt!”

But isn’t it pretty? And delicious.

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The above title is dedicated to Gayle (I just thought you’d like it)

So, while we were on vacation, our cat died. Not the cat pictured above; that would be Summer, our new cat, who my daughter proceeded to theoretically pick out and give imaginary names to the afternoon she found out of Booger’s demise — after she shed her tears for Booger, of course.

Our old cat, Booger, was 16 years old. She had been in declining health for a couple of years. At her age, I knew she might suffer a little in our absence, but I honestly didn’t expect her to kick the bucket. Seems she got an infected tooth, which meant she stopped eating well, which meant she didn’t get her thyroid medicine which was hidden in her food, which meant she got a blood clot, which meant her back legs became paralyzed, which meant her kidneys began to shut down, which meant the housesitter had to decipher these unfolding events and take her into the vet, (which meant I probably shouldn’t have made jokes about this unlikely eventuality to the housesitter), which meant, sadly, Booger eventually died. God was gracious through this unfortunate turn of events because I really didn’t relish making all of these decisions solo and long distance, but in an answer to prayer, the necessary decisions that needed to be made were very clear.

Booger was big and furry and magnificent and aloof and loved to be admired and adored…mostly from a distance. Within the last two or three years, I noticed that my daughter began lobbying for us to ‘nickname’ Booger Snowflake or Princess, mostly so she wouldn’t have to actually tell people that her cat’s name was Booger. So it seemed clear that a playful and affectionate kitten named Summer would suit her needs quite nicely. Welcome to the family, Summer. And rest in peace, Booger, old friend.

Edited to add: Poor Booger. This is the only digital pic I could find of her. (She’s the one in the back)

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Here are some pics from our adventures in the city last week:

My man on the water taxi…a great way to travel.

The weather was GOR…JUS.

Lunch. (As in tavern, not meat).

He wanted the crust off his cheeseburger…WHAT?!

Me and the kids

Aspiring f@shion model

She also fights pirates!

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