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Hi! I’m over at Mawe Hai guest blogging. Pop over and take a look. And don’t forget to subscribe while you’re over there.


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Shannon’s having a fun contest today. Why not sharpen your number 2’s and fire off a few back-to-school haiku? You must enter today before 8pm CST. Here are mine:
Pencils with sharp points,
four black dry erase markers,
One large box of Puffs.

On the night before,
walking sounds like such a good
idea. Not now.

“Mom, my tummy hurts.”
(I will miss you when I’m gone).
What’s a mom to do?

Fluffer nutter sand-
wich, pretzels, and a pudding.
Better than hot lunch.

No long socks at gym.
Teacher demands perfect jump-
ing jacks. I’m tired, Mom.

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You can catch me blog-sitting at Fried Okra’s today. She’s snugglin’ up to these two delicious dishes.

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rwandan flag

As I mentioned here, Hubs and I are working on a little Etsy venture to support Compassion International. We were inspired by the recent bloggy tour of Uganda as well as our church’s ties to the Anglican Church in Rwanda. We hope to start this venture by sponsoring Compassion Children in Rwanda; and we’ll see where God takes it from there. Want to weigh in on the store’s name? Go here.

The store didn’t quite come together in time for the current Bloggy Giveaways Carnival (darn those college exam schedules), but we will be ready to play giveaway next time, I’m sure. Spread the word, people. God is up to something.

Thank you for your prayers!

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Giveaway closed


Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


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The Toddler’s Busy Book is going to Dubai! Congratulations, Grace from Sandier Pastures.

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