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Shannon’s running a Greatest Hits edition of Works for me Wednesday today. This one, originally published in July 2007, is one of my faves. It ought to be fun to check out everyone’s favorite ideas.

A few years ago, my Bible study leader recommended keeping a 3X5 spiral notebook as a tool for scripture memorization. I have found this tip to be useful not only in improving my scripture memory, but also in deepening my relationship with God.

When I come across a verse that I want to learn or one that speaks to me, I write it in my spiral. I carry this spiral in my purse so that I can “study on it” when I have free time in the car (not while driving, of course) or while waiting somewhere. I have already filled two notebooks and am due for a third. I can often find the verse in my spiral quicker than I can locate it in my Bible (maybe that’s another project?!), so I’ve noticed I am sharing a lot more scripture with others. I also like to look back through the notebook and see how God has spoken through time with different verses; and I do repeat verses when they re-emerge as important during a particular season of life.

I am one of those people for whom writing things down makes them more real (thus, the blog…), so writing the verses down definitely adds to my knowledge and understanding of them. Works for me…and since you’re a bloggy person, maybe it’ll work for you too.

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